Getting engaged in a culture where image is everything 

This blog post was inspired because I recently Got engaged to my lady of almost 3 years..So I’m thankful and really happy about that. However, I come from a ghanian background where image is everything and everyone always has something to say about something they know so little about. If you are not 25 you are not qualified to get married in the ghanian culture..unless your parents are Biblical and understand the gift God has given us in marriage. Giving your thoughts about something whereby you have no solid foundation is a very dangerous thing. I don’t know how People who never walked with you through the ups and downs of your relationship will ever have anything critical to say about your decision to get engaged. Most Ghanaians do not understand the concept of building with your significant other..they think you should already be made before even thinking of getting engaged that is why most Ghanaians are getting married at 26+. No body will ever be truly be ready for marriage, but you can prepare yourself as much as you can spiritually as well as financially. This doesn’t mean you need to have everything made though. On a side note most ghanian people I know can’t even talk to their parents about making biblical decisions because their thoughts and mindsets are cobwebbed in culture and what their friends will say. Because of this ghanian youth are held back in life, they can’t even move forward. Ladies and gentlemen don’t ever let the culture of your parents or the vain thoughts of others ever trump you from making a decision whereby God will be glorified, Pray about it, receive wise council and go with it. The scripture trumps culture as well as the foundation less thoughts of others. As long as God is getting glorified press on and work towards your goals and aspirations.

– Clint Fiscian 


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